BCS RUBBER : Rubber Industry

Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Bhineka Citra Sejahtera Rubber Industri (BCS Rubber).
We are located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia at Kawasan Ruko Terusan Danau Kerinci.
We have established to produce rubber fender, rubber sheet, rubber bearing pads since couple years ago.
Our vision is to offer the best service to our customer . And satisfaction of our customer is number one priority of us.

We usually serve our customer from a distance. We are located in Malang, but our customer are from Borneo, Aceh, Jakarta, Surabaya, and many more. We can service the offer letter by email, phone, or fax. Our customer's trust is our back bone to keep producing the rubber. So we will give you a very best offer and system of delivery.